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Are you Sure your Corals are Legal?

Test your Coral Morals!

Do you know which of these corals is illegal to sell in the UK?


A. I am sure it’s the first one as I haven’t actually ever seen it for sale, and am pretty sure the second one is illegal too  
B. I honestly don’t know but I’ve not seen the first two on sale before
C. I don’t really care - they are all really stunning and I would buy them if available in my local aquatic shop

If lots of rare coral species or unusual colour types suddenly appear for sale in an aquatic shop do you think

A. “that seems dodgy” and phone the Border Force Hotline number to report it as suspicious?
B. “that’s a bit strange” but leave the shop without confronting the retailer?
C. “fantastic!” and buy as many as you can afford?

When you find some really cheap corals for sale in an aquatic shop do you     

A. question the retailer about it and ask where he got them from?
B. wonder how they can sell them so cheaply but leave the shop without confronting the retailer?
C. buy as many as you can carry?

If an aquatic shop tells you they are the only people who can get hold of a particular species do you

A. hear alarm bells ringing and leave when the retailer cannot give you a reasonable answer about how this is possible?
B. think “wow, they must have some great suppliers” but don’t buy until you have gone away and learnt more about the species?
C. say “please can you get some for me and my mates”?

How Tropical Marine Centre is Helping you Make the Right Livestock Choices

•  Tropical Marine Centre works tirelessly with its suppliers to ensure it operates 100% within current legislation and each hard coral species imported has both export and import permits to show that it conforms to CITES regulations and EU Wildlife Trade Regulations

•  In addition, all TMC fish and inverts are supplied to your retailer with their own unique identification label for display on in-store tanks

•  This means that when you buy TMC livestock, you can have complete confidence that everything has been imported legally and you are helping to support a sustainable trade

Importers, retailers AND aquarists all have a responsibility to ensure any illegal trade in corals is reported and stopped

Anyone with information about activity they suspect may be linked to smuggling should contact the Border Force Hotline on 0800 59 5000