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Braude 3kW Immersion Heater 3 phase


Braude Heater - Spares
Braude 3kW Immersion Heater 3 phase
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The Braude intank heater is an industrial tank immersion heater manufactured from high integrity fluoropolymers to give excellent performance in corrosive solutions. The element is constructed to give free flow of liquid across the surface and to restrict solid deposition, particularly important for fish holding systems. Small enough to fit easily in confined areas, this heater is supplied with hanging brackets for vertical mounting or stand-offs for horizontal mounting. The Braudeflex lead is continuous and flexible. All equipment is supplied with clear installation instructions, and Tropical Marine Centre technical staff are always available to offer advice. High integrity fluoropolymers for completely non-corrodable unit. Does not require a pumped water supply for optimum performance. Relatively small size to output ratio. Thermally efficient. Easily concealed in display tanks.

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